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October 10 — Patriotism


The Snow Maiden

The Snow Maiden


Based on the play “The Snow Maiden” by A. N. Ostrovsky



Valentin Levitsky


Danila Korogodsky


Sonya Matveeva


Ilya Licitsin


Maksim Tihonov


The performance will include music by John Tassel and the group "Dobra Noch”


Characters and cast

Snow maiden

Anna Dunaeva


Anna Zakharova


Igor Ustinovich


Ivan Batarev


Yelena Trifonova


Mariya Maslova


Stepan Beketov


The performance will last 1 hour and 15 minutes



За стужу наших чувств
И сердится на нас Ярило-Солнце
И стужей мстит.

                                                A. N. Ostrovsky, The Snow Maiden


“Snow Maiden” by Ostrovsky…There is no other work in Russian drama as poetic, captivating and penetrating as this and yet few other plays are as tired, overdone and hackneyed in their production as this. The main heroine has long since become a character in matinees for children. Characters can easily become lost amongst the sea of stereotypes. The play itself appears in the form of a pompous opera, sometimes as a child’s fairytale or an erotic fantasy. However, all too often the stage interpretations lack the most important thing – the depth and power of the myth at its very core.


The figure of the Snow Maiden has become firmly embedded in various interpretations and forms, not only in art but in life too. The time has come to understand who the Snow Maiden is, returning to the original source, to the wonderful, poetic, cruel and joyful play by Ostrovsky.


Theatre Pokoleniy presents its own version of "The Snow Maiden”. We have called it “The Experience of the Snow Maiden”. This is also our experience of interpreting the play and the fate of the young girl.


The aim of this production is break through to the very essence of the play, to its myth; to enable the audience and ourselves to understand that the Snow Maiden is not just a pleasant and lovely girl from the forest; but to give back to this famous subject all its original multiple faces, its depth, subtlety and contemporariness; to force the story, known to us from childhood, to reach into the forgotten and dormant sources, lurking in the souls of men.