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October 10 — Patriotism


The Light Bulb

The Light Bulb



Concept and direction:

Danila Korogodsky

Eberhard Köhler (Germany)

Space & costumes:

Danila Korogodsky

Composer and live musician:

Ivan Kushnir

Costumes construction:

Nika Velegzhaninova

Props design and construction:

Andrei Dezidenko

Sound effects:

Lale Podgarkiya-Dara

Sound landscape:

Maksim Tihonov


Aleksander Koshkidko


Characters in order of appearance and cast:

Man struck by lightening

Artyom Shilov

Retired clowns

Regina Atsapkina/Tanyana Shuklina

Valentin Levitsky/Artyom Tomilov

Woman with a lampshade

Lyubov Levitskaya


Kirill Gusev

Girl from the lighthouse

Olga Ivanova/Anna Glushkova

Man without legs

Artyom Tomilov

Blind girl

Svetlana Smirnova/Natalya Ponomariova

Man with bouquet of flowers

Sergei Mardar

Shaving man

Aleksei Chuev

Illuminated woman

Yelena Polyakova

Suicidal misfit

Stepan Beketov


Svetlana Smirnova/Oksana Rysinskaya


The performance will last 1 hour and 30 minutes


After “Without Lear” and “Sans Paroles”, the performance “Light Bulb” may be called “An Evening without explanation”.

The play, which has virtually no spoken word, was developed from free improvisation.

We try to research the world of chaos, the world of cosmic darkness in which play and creativity are the only generator of light.

Without explanation…what else could the performance be about?

Maybe this poem will suggest an association to the audience.



Free The Goldfish

By Charles Simic


A pet store window

With an aquarium

We pressed our noses against

Every night.


For light, the goldfish had

A single bulb

On a long naked wire

Tied into a noose.


They swam to and fro glancing

Over their shoulders

At the empty shelves,

The street beyond with its dark shadows.


Its rows of parked cars

On which a few large snowflakes

Fell carefully

As if not to make a sound.