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October 10 — Patriotism

About Alle voegel

Alle Voegel sind schon da

Alle Voegel sind schon da. Eine konferenz in Zimmerwald

Play by Matto Kämpf (Switzerland) and Ariane von Graffenried (Switzerland)

Music composed and performed live by Simon Ho (Switzerland)

Bilingual production of Theater Pokoleniy, Saint-Petersburg,  Die Zimmerwäldler, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Theater Winkelwiese Zürich and Theater Chur. 

Supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia аnd Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg.

In German and  Russian with subtitles 

Directed by Eberhard Koehler (Germany)

Designed by Danila Korogodsky (Russia)

Light design Anastasia Toscheva (Russia)

Actors:  Mona Petri (Switzerland), Tatyana Werik (Switzerland), Marco Morell (Switzerland), Svetlana Smirnova, Natalia Ponomariova, Artyom Shilov, Sergey Mardar, Tatyana Shuklina, Regina Atsapkina, Elena Polyakova, Valentin Levitsky, Artyom Tomilov, Elena Trifonova, Ruslan Katsagadzhiev, Maria Srogovich

Translated into Russian by Anna Bartmettler (Switzerland)

Simultaneous translation and subtitles by Yvonne Griesel

This project is a collaboration of of Theater Pokoleniy, Saint-Petersburg,  Die Zimmerwaeldler, Bern, Theater Schlachthaus, Bern and free theater artists of Switzerland. It opened on July 18th, 19th and 20th  2014 in Theater Pokoleniy at Lahtinskaya street 25A and in the Fall of 2014 toured in Switzerland (Berne, Zurich, Churl). In the spring 2015 the show is returning to St Petersburg, Russia.

It is a bilingual (Russian and German) theater production with live music and playful use of subtitles and live translation. Two Swiss playwrights develop it in collaboration with an ensemble of Russian and Swiss actors who, as devisors, also contribute to the plot through improvisations.

The content of the play is based on a historical conference of international revolutionaries in a little village near Berne. The Conference of Zimmerwald (1915) is fascinating for a number of reasons. It was the initial spark which lead to the Comintern, with its formative consequences for both Russia and Europe. It is also curious because in order to be able to take part in it, all participants went undercover and pretended, that they were a conference of ornithologists.

In our play it will become a comedy of misunderstandings; real ornithologists and undercover revolutionaries meet hundred years later in a hotel in the mountains. The hotel is hopelessly overbooked. At night the owner of the hotel transfers into Baba Yaga and turns all the participants into birds, suddenly we find ourselves in the surrealistic world of Russian fairy tales.

The long and complicated history of both countries and there involvements become the backdrop for an absurd dark comedy. We try to mirror certain characteristics of both cultures and also the prejudices that both sides have about each other.

APRIL 3, 4, 5 2015 it was played agin in St. Petersburg

On September 6 and September 8 2015 to commemorate the 100 annivesary of that historical event we will perform a little helter-skelter about it in Zimmerwald, the same village, at the same place, on the opposite side of the post-bus stop at 7:45 p.m.