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Lieblingsmenschen (Peer Pleasures)

Laura de Weck «Lieblingsmenschen» (Peer Pleasures)


by Laura de Weck

English Translation by Simon Froehling

Original German Title: LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN



How do you express yourself in the world of only 160 letters?


Is it poetry… or mindless chatter?

Is it communication… or isolation?

Is it reality… or just sms…


They are young. They are sexy. They are friends.

6 years ago, they went to school together. Now they study for exams, and they party.


They make their plans, share their thoughts, and express their feelings in the space of 160 letters in a cell phone short message.


Do you know the plural of penis? Is it peni?

I don’t know, I have never seen two at once.


Anna studies Philosophy, after living together with her boyfriend in a six year relationship, she asks herself:

am I missing something?


Lilly is afraid of her exam in Psychology, does that turn her into an easy prey to the “hunters of the night“?

            Let’s meet later


Julie is an acting student, with countless sexual encounters with different men:

            Why is everything so boring?


The 26 year old German/Swiss playwright Laura de Weck draws a funny, contemporary and ultimately  tragic portrait  of her own generation. She finds a new language, carefully listening to the reality of how today’s youth communicate.


LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN (2007), translated for the first time into  Russian  by Teatr Pokoleniy is an amazing success-story. It was one of the most-produced plays in the entire German-speaking region last season.  It has been translated into English, Spanish and Swedish and was presented in a staged reading in Tashkent.

In the footsteps of such great German realistic drama writers, as Georg Büchner, Öden van Horvath or Franz Xaver Kroetz, Laura de Weck closely observes the language of her peers and creates a free jazz music of words and pauses, which makes you laugh while touching your soul.


Laura de Weck

is an actress and playwright and works at the renowned Thalia-Theatre in Hamburg - the partner town of St Petersburg. No doubt the youth of both cities have things in common. 

            Seeking a place in the world

            Searching for their own poetry

            Trapped by the obstacles of language, speed, and technology


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