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October 10 — Patriotism

Simon Ho

Simon Ho – musician (Switzerland)

lives in Brüssel

Simon Ho, born in 1965, works as composer and musician. He participated in master classes for composition of  Cristobal Halffter (E) and Edison Denisov (GUS) and worked together with  Pierre Boulez in Paris. He also studied in Rome, Algeria, Paris and New York. He composed for more than 100 theatre productions for example at Stadttheater Bern, Theater Luzern, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Deutschen Theater Berlin, Staatstheater Stuttgart and the free theatre scene in Switzerland (Theater Marie, fünfnachbusch, Mark Wetter, dalang, compagnie de rothfils) and film. He received a grant from the city of Berne for a year in New York (2000), the film award of Kanton Bern  (best film music in „Bunte Träume“ by Mano Khalil, 2003) and was winner of the composer competition 2005 for the opening of Paul Klee center.

Simon is the author of music and an actor in "Alle Voegel sind schon da"

He plays Poschi-Hoschi, postautochauffeur / Friedrich Engels 

Also Simon is a composer and a musician in the evening dedicated to Zinovy Korogodsky's 90th anniversary