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Dr Yvonne Griesel (Germany)

born in Geneva, she lives in Berlin and works as a free-lance translator. She works for the following publishing companies: Henschel Schauspiel, Alexander Verlag und Theater der Zeit as atranslator from French and Russian.. She is also in the board of the non profit organisation „Drama Panorama“. Her own company  „SprachSpiel“  is specialized for translation of theatres on large festivals.  Collaboration for example with Christoph Marthaler, Katie Mitchell, Robert Lepage. Yvonne is also one of three artistic directors and curators of the  international theatre-festival „Unidram“ in Potsdam. She published the following books: „Translation im Theater“ (2000), „Die Inszenierung als Translat“ (2007), „Welttheater verstehen“ (2013).