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October 10 — Patriotism


Matthias Bernhold was born in Hamburg/Germany in1969.

He studied in Zürich at  „Schauspiel-Akademie“ until 1992.

Engagements at "Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg", "Staatstheater Schwerin", "Rennaicancetheater Berlin" and many more.

Several Festivals, as well in opera as in drama, like: Schwetzinger Festspiele, Ruhrfestspiele, Ruhrtriennale.

He worked with Christoph Marthaler, Johann Kresnik, Johannes Schaaf and Christoph Nel and manys more

2005 "Zauberflöte"  with Daniele and Claudio Abbado in Italy and at "Festspiele Baden Baden"

In 2006 he started to work as a musician for the theater and since 2009 he works with his „teapots and other objects“- ensemble, creates silent-movies which he performs with live-music.

He took part in the production „sumsum/zumzum“ at Theater Pokoleniy in summer 2010.

In July 2011 Matthias is participating in Heiner Muller festival.