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Lee Eisler

Ли Айслер – специалист по сценическому движению (Канада)

I have always looked at the arts as a way of divining the core of the entire human being. To do this, I open a dialogue with the senses. It is through touch, taste, sound, sight and kinetics that we perceive and connect with the world around us. With these senses open, we then experience with all our faculties - head, heart, soul and guts.

 The rehearsal studio is a place of great peace and yet great ferment for me. Works are created over a period of time that allows for intense research, experimentation and consolidation. It is a sort of laboratory where new modes of expression can surface and be incorporated.

 Drawn to a study of the human condition as a struggle between polar opposites, I balance the world with an odd humor and ecstasy on one side, countered with the pain of interpersonal relationships on the other side.

 Although based in an intense physicality that developed out of my early years as an Olympic athlete, I will use any art form to release the soul of a work. Fully trained as a choreographer, director and filmmaker, I move easily from one medium to another. Multi-layered scenes are developed in my work which combine dance, physical theatre, fragments of text, comedy, music, light and image.