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"FINITA LA UTOPIA!" is the result of the second phase of the International Workshop “Tale of three cities. Saint-Petersburg — Berlin — Los-Angeles” which took place in St. Petersburg on July 17—August 7, 2016

The show is based on the poem by Hans Magnus Enzensberger “The Sinking of the Titanic”

Directed by Danila Korogodsky, Eberhard Koehler (Germany), Christopher Barreca (USA)

Music composed by Simon Ho (Switzerland)

The drummer — Paul Miheev

Light designer — Alexander Freer (CalArts University, USA)

The puppet artist — Suse Wächter (Germany)

With participation: Ilana Kirschbaum (CalArts University, USA) and Melany Waingarten (CalArts University, USA)

Photos by Andrey Suhinin and by Oksana Kovtun