Oil Reservoir


Due to system design, loads & defrost cycles, varying amounts of oil can be returned by the oil separator. Because of this, a safety reservoir of oil is required for the operation of our oil control system. The oil reservoir is the holding vessel for this stand-by oil. It has sight glass ports to observe the oil level inside the vessel. The valve on top of the oil reservoir receives oil from the oil separator, and the bottom valve distributes oil to the oil level regulator. The valves are backseating and have a 1/4" SAE connection, allowing the addition or removal of oil from the reservoir. High pressure gas returns with the oil from the oil separator to the oil reservoir. Pressure could increase in the oil reservoir to adversely affect the oil regulators. To prevent this, a vent line is installed from the top of the oil reservoir to the suction line. This line permits the pressure in the oil reservoir to be approximately the same as suction line and the compressor crankcase.


● 9 sizes are available in both standard and high pressure ranges.
● Robust construction.
● Sight glass with floating ball.
● Standard models supplied with mounting brackets.
● Premium quality O-ring seals.



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